Menu subject to change due to seasonal availability.


Cacao Nib- Chocolate topped with raw cacao nib.

Mounds-O-Coconut- Chocolate topped with toasted coconut.

Joy of Almonds- Chocolate topped with toasted coconut & almonds.

Bacon Maple- Bacon speckled dough with maple glaze, topped with bacon.

The Dude- White Russian Bavarian creme-filled.

Meyer Lemon Creme-filled- Meyer lemon glazed, filled with meyer lemon whipped creme, topped with candied meyer lemon.

Blood Orange- Blood orange glazed with candied blood orange

Bacon Maple Apple Fritter- Apple cinnamon filling, maple glaze topped with apples & bacon.


Cacao Nib


Joy of Almonds

Bac-O-Maple- Made with bacon bits (Yep, they’re vegan!)

Vanilla Glazed

Meyer Lemon Glazed

Blood Orange Glazed

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